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It's all because of my, then new, friend's two-year-old daughter! When we met, her daughter called me Miss Lemonee instead of Melanie. We all thought it was so darn cute. That was it, since that day, I’m known as 'Miss Lemonee.' And as for the 'on the Hills' part, well, we live on the beautiful Sierra foothills of Northern California.

My name is Melanie, also known as Lemonee. I’m originally from Québec City and now live in Northern California. I run my handmade business from my office + garage. I'm a maker, a photographer and overall a creative entrepreneur with 20 years experience in Industrial Design.

Scientific studies are now proving that getting outside can lead to significant health benefits.

Even with a busy career in industrial design and photography, and raising a family, I always found it important to make the effort to go outside, and challenge myself. When I moved to Northern California in 2012, my passion for the outdoors grew exponentially. My recent challenge was to be independent with our truck camper. Now I travel solo at times and it’s highly rewarding.

Because you never have too much of the Great Outdoors. 

Lemonee on the Hills started to take shape in 2014 and became a full time business in 2016. I have combined my passion of the outdoors, my photography and product design background to handcraft a line of inspiring nature photography accessories that bring the outside to YOU, either it’s at your office, in your home or for your travels!

Not only I want to bring you beautiful landscapes but I’m also hoping to inspire you, women, to get into action. And if you’re in a phase in your life that you just can’t make things happen, I’m hoping I can make you dream, and start planning, because where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I enjoy the outside through hiking, camping, running, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking. We just got stand up paddle boards and I believe this will become an activity my family will enjoy a lot.

Little facts:

  • My mother tongue is French

  • I'm a mom to two boys

  • I started to make and sell things professionally when I was 16 years old.

  • I graduated in Industrial Design

  • I have spent 20 years working in the electronics, consumer goods and medical manufacturing industries. Curious? -> www.melaniesaucier.com

  • I worked with various manufacturers in Canada and the United States

  • I traveled for my clients in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Mexico and China.

  • My products are/were sold in big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Sam's Club; in Canada, USA and Mexico.

Following two big moves to support my husband's career and ambitions, I became a SAHM. I'm now back to a creative and handcrafted job that I LOVE and hope that you will appreciate. I take pride in what I do and I'm excited to share everything I create with you. Every purchase is meaningful and I am grateful that you are here with me.

On Instagram? Lemonee on the Hills for my handmade goodies and Melanie on the Hills for my landscape images and adventures with our truck camper, Moja Fox!