A week in perspective

One of the challenge of working alone in my studio — Marie, I miss you! —, is to get a perspective on my work and make smart and informed choices. Especially now: I see a mountain of work in front of me and my head is literally spinning, envisioning a sea of endless options and possibilities. I rejoice when I exchange/listen/meet passionate and creative people. It gives me such a boost of energy and forces me to stay focused. This week gave me opportunities to go crazy, but also to refuel. 

Tuesday and Wednesday, while I was at my computer, I tuned in to Creative Live for Lisa Congdon on "Become a Working Artist". It was quite motivating to watch her sharing the lessons she learned over the years; from when she started making art as a hobby in 2001 to now, making it successfully as a full-time living illustrator and fine artist. I'm glad I recorded an audio version — I couldn't stay glued to my screen for the entire two-day session. From what I was able to watch though, I can tell you there were some precious advice. I plan on listening carefully and taking notes, probably next week. 

Another of my week's highlight was when one fellow Etsy-ians sent me an email and offered a bit of advice regarding the pictures in my shop. It resulted in me re-shooting all of my product's pictures, which took a decent amount of hours late in the evening...but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The most wonderful? My Etsy stats improved overnight (!).

Speaking of energetic people, Karlee at Propcellar is one of them. I love her: she's passionate, driven and fun to work with! She asked me a few months ago to create unique clipboards, flyers and a customized Moleskine notebook. I noted back then I really like working on that type of project: it feels like candy for my creative brain and my artisan hands :) And because she asked me again for more, I can safely say she liked it too!

Rubber instead of clip.jpg

My assignment now is broader. Propcellar will be hosting a special event in November and I'm working on the 'visual' aspect of the event. Another version of the clipboard is in the making, invites, envelopes, business cards, rubber stamps, signage, goodie bags, tags, labels, and you know, all sort of pretty, useful, and unique items, in a vintage style to match Propcellar's niche! Something to keep me quite busy for October. I'm hoping to post pictures of the work in progress, if allowed. It's a fun and challenging project to work on. Thanks Karlee for giving me this opportunity!  

Oh I wish the days were longer because I have so much I couldn't do. But now it's time to wrap for a Friday night with my ladies, and for the weekend! We're having a busy two-days ahead and the weather should still be in the 90's F (34C), it doesn't feel like fall!

Have a great weekend.