Monocle Magazine & Punk Haircuts

It has a been a lovely weekend. I appreciate the balance: time with friends, time with family, a little bit of me and hubby time, outdoor time, movie time, gardening time, and some me time. Oh and there was a little bit of work time, and house-chores...but just enough so it didn't take over. Me time involved a patio chair, the sun and feet on the ottoman, yes, just like up here. And I enjoyed my me time like I love most these days: coffee, magazine, a notebook + pen and my iPhone. I get so much inspiration during this moment that it fuels my entire upcoming week, and some more.
My main problem is: I just don't have enough hours during a day to accomplish all those ideas.

But maybe that is a good thing.

— What inspired me over the weekend —

This shop MDQualityGoods; Authentic American Vintage & Reclaimed Wood Goods ; maybe because I'm working on a project that involves vintage imagery? Or because I just love wood?

Monocle Shop; it's class. Yes, like my husband would say, the hipster version of me is in love with almost everything Monocle. I don't know what this magazine does to me, but I get a lot of inspiration from there. Like, a lot. Can't explain!

Changed my mind for my Halloween costume idea...will I be able to pull this off? I watched a lot of how-to YouTube videos!*

Growing dahlias; it's now on my garden wishlist 

Short punk hairstyles...don't ask. Totally contradicts the classiness of my Monocle Magazine, ha! I have my hair appointment soon. Will I have the guts?

*YouTube videos are the running gag in my house. I surprised my husband — he's not a mechanic at all — changing his car's headlight, with the laptop sitting on the motor, watching a video telling him how to do that exactly. Well it was not simple by the way! Would have cost a decent amount at the garage, only for a 10$ headlight. Since then, we YouTube every little problem in the house, and, we FIY - Fix It Yourself! 

Have a lovely inspired week!