Confidence & Doubts

I have been listening about self-confidence & self-doubts in the entrepreneurship and creative world lately. How sometimes we allow negative criticisms affect our path and decisions. How crucial it is to be self confident when we start and run a business. How important it is when we, as an artist, create.

What I'm hearing and learning from others is: to push through. 

As far as I know, I am a relatively confident person, but I do have my internal battles! I am a woman of action though. And because I believe in doing, more than talking, doubts put me in an awkward predicament. It slows down my action mode. And I know I'm not alone. Actually sometimes it does more than slowing us down. Brooke White, in this interview talks about the negative comments that brought her down, to a point she stopped doing what she loved to do: a great lesson about fear of rejection and how to embrace your talents.

There is also an interesting point of view here to help make the difference between criticism, and cynicism: "When should you embrace your critics and their dogma, and when should you ignore them and carry on. As entrepreneurs, we must savor criticism and shun cynicism by developing an instinct for the difference between thoughtful insights and short-sightedness."

Knowing which feedback to embrace and which to discard is perhaps the most important instinct for a creative leader to possess.
— Scott Belsky, on

In search of an ideal, or something more 'perfect', I remember being in the state of mind where doubts were stopping me right in my tracks. I admit that with getting older comes experience, knowledge and by extension, a better instinct. Still, as I'm starting a new creative business, I have to deal with this again. So when it happens I have to remember this: 

Acknowledge the feeling.
Don't let doubts or fears paralyze.
Be aware and try to figure if it's insightful or just plain noise. 
Keep pushing until there's a little bit of certitude (do prototypes, try new things). 
Hustle until I get there (have a result to conclude on and learn a lesson).

And then, this:

Once you’re certain you’re on the right path, flip that switch and just say, ‘No one’s going to stop me’
— Daniel Lubetzky,

You can hear him say it in this video here: KIND Founder Daniel Lubetzky: 'The Moment Things Just Took Off' 

What happens with pushing through is this: sometimes it fails, sometimes it succeeds. But all in all, it builds confidence to know what you can do, and what you cannot. Just this knowledge in itself boost self-confidence. It's a beautiful vicious circle.

Happy Wednesday :)