Experimenting With Illustrations

I had this in the back of my mind since I started using my photos on various products. I always wanted to transform my pictures and play with it. I think some products would look are their best with an image that has strong graphics elements. Not to mention it also has the benefit of being easier to match with our home decor.

Yeah...I was supposed to work on Christmas images. Well this is what I came up with: nothing Christmas, but maybe FOR Christmas? Oh wait, there are these images I did though. Guess I didn't completely fail at my task :/ 

This first series of illustrations is my interpretation of the ombré look, combined with a slightly 'masculine' touch — the polygons and all the other visual lines make for a very sharp and strong impact. I only used mountains images from Northern California, which is actually pretty much my niche — and favorite subject to shoot. 

While I tweaked the images, I found out I really like working in black and white. I remember appreciating it when I learned to shoot and develop in the dark room — almost 20 years ago, yikes. But for years I haven't been drawn to it. 

You'll also notice I'm stocking up my Etsy shop! 80 items as I'm writing these lines. Please come visit, you'll find lots of new products: throw pillows, totes, iPhone cases, and new designs of notebooks and therapeutic bags :)

Oh and also, stay tuned! I'm planning my first giveaway soon!