Life has Different Seasons.


I've listened to a podcast today that totally got my attention in the first five minutes. I really thought: "OK wow, is she talking about me?". And you know what? In the comment section, I was so NOT the only one having the exact same reaction!

Monica, from Smart Creative Women, shared with us today the "Truths and Myths about Accomplishments". Although I feel old enough to know this, listening to her just cemented it in. And I feel you can appreciate that she laid out flat and said out loud what we're all going through, but sometimes forget! 

"Today I want you understand why you need to know what it looks like when the curtain is pulled back."

Monica from Smart Creative Women
"... that no one is discussing the compromises and choices that are made during different seasons in our lives or the fact that there are different seasons." 

There are different seasons.

This is the key, right there. And I really prefer talking about seasons than saying we have ups and downs — no gentlemen, we're not talking about hormones and PMS.

"Different parts of your journey will produce different results."

Seems obvious right? It is. But if you're like me, you tend to be tolerant but impatient. You'd wish stuff happens faster. Things move quicker.* 

Different seasons means for me that my focus, energy and time has to shift and adjust to the season. And it also means that after Winter comes Spring, and Summer. That it all comes full circle. Patience...and enjoy as much as the Winter has to offer...**

*Oh and it is no surprise that my first two strengths from the Strength Finder test are...Activator and Achiever.  
**At this very moment in my life, I feel like Spring is here. Winter has been long though, verrrry very long.