Today I've reached a milestone: my first Etsy sale outside my immediate family and close friends!



My 8-year-old came into my studio while I was finishing a few notebooks. He looked at me for a second and tried to understand what I was doing. Since it's fairly new in our house, he didn't get the whole idea of what mommy is doing all day now. So he asked:

Why are you making so many notebooks again?
I design, make and sell them sweetheart. This is my job now!
Oh! And so, how much money it gives you?
40$ for today's sales, including a bunch of notebooks for grandma :)
Wow Mom!!! You're going to be a millionaire huh?
Gna-ha! I love you :)

The ice is broken for my Etsy shop too; all aspects of Lemonee on the Hills are running! Can't wait to update you with pictures for my design services portion.  

— Cheers!