Inspiring Interview with Oh Joy on Jess Lively


One of the new website and person I'm new to is Jess Lively. I found out not so long ago she did an Interview with Oh Joy, a blogger and designer I admire. You might be familiar with Joy Cho's work if you're shopping at Target because she has designed an "Entertaining & Party" line of products for the big retailer .  And this is not the only retailer that sells her design; The Land of Nod, Microsoft, Hygge & West and many more carry Oh Joy's designs.

Now let's jump in what I learned from the interview::

  • Sometimes the path you expected to have is not actually happening and that doesn't mean you failed.
  • Keep your mind opened for opportunities that can make you grow artistically.
  • Learning on your own, versus following a mentor or a classic path, can be the best change of career.
  • Being a "do-it-all" instead of being 100% of one profession help you grow your brand —Lemonee: it helps to have multiple talents!
  • But being surrounded by creative people is essential, because you won't be able to do it all, all the time.
  • In the 2014 reality, there is room for different work models, take advantage of it.

Joy Cho is also sharing some advice:

  • Stay true to who you are, don't be everything to everyone.
  • You're always be better at things you love to do.
  • It's not JUST about money; you have to have other reasons. Your heart must be into it, authenticity is so important. I say yes when I have a combination of factors like it's worth my time, fun and interesting, I can grow from or challenge me in some may.
  • When you love what you do and when you focus on what you do, the money part will come with time. It never happens overnight.

The big challenge:

  • After her daughter was born, she had a really hard time to balance and juggle everything. She thought she would have it nailed down but she said it took her a good year and half to really be able to feel she was at a good place.  
  • You have to figure out priorities as your life changes with kids.
  • Sometime that means you feel guilty because you don't see your friends as much as you'd like. 
  • Super important to make times for your marriage.

There is more on the interview like discussion about blogging and the evolution of this relatively new profession — happening around the 28 minutes mark — and personal challenges that Joy Cho faced. And as a very sensitive person, she talks about how she deals with negative comments and the criticism — part of the interview I really enjoyed, being a very sensitive person too.

If you have 47 minutes to listen, go ahead, it's inspiring to hear from a graphic designer who started at the bottom of the ladder and is now has a successful diversified business. And, she just had another baby, wow!