Weekly Roundup

This week has come to an end and I am exhausted. It was craziness in the studio: friends and their kids even got involved. And despite all the late nights working, I still didn't have enough hours and friends to do it all. Compromises had to be made. Lessons were learnt.
As I was in bed the night of the event — my client is in Tennessee — I received a text message from her telling me it has been a great success :) So sweet to let me know, right? Now I can't wait to see pictures!

Happy weekend, and enjoy a few things I appreciated over this past week!

These 3 first shops take me back to the years I've been designing planters for a large manufacturer. Every designs had to be made for the mass market, which means high volume and low prices. The manufacturing processes were different. As a designer, I had lots of creative constraints to work with. So yes, I have dreamt of designing these back then ;)

  • DIY notebooks; creative way to recycle what you have in your house and create cute notebooks for yourself.

  • Viveo; I love how classy and timeless those leather straps and leather camera bags are. 

  • Monocole 24: The Entrepreneurs; I like to hear inspiring stories of different entrepreneurs from all around the globe.