Weekly Roundup

Yes indeed, it has a been a heck of a GOOD week. Hopefully it'll be a good weekend too as I'm going to do my first fair ever: GOOD: Street Food + Design Market. If you're following me on Facebook, twitter and Instagram you already know. So I apologize, there might be a little bit of over-sharing heh heh, but I'll try to keep things interesting ;) 

I'm very excited to bring the business to another level — like stop being a hermit and get out into the world? ;) I don't know what to expect but I'm sure it'll all be positive.

Preparing for the fair took a good chunk of my time, but I also did work on other projects, fulfill custom orders and did manage to add new products in the shop, just in time for your Christmas shopping :)
Gift Cards, for those who are unsure of what to give —>>>

There is also new notebooks, and art prints!

Speaking of shopping, I recommend having a look at Great.ly. A curated marketplace by great designers and bloggers. Here are just a few of what they called the 'Tastemakers' that I follow because I like what they pick.
Oh and yeah, I'm a maker there so you might stumbled upon my products one day ;) 

Ok now, time to sleep. This work week is not over! :)

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!