A Quick Look at 2014 + Welcoming 2015

One of the things I learned fairly quickly in 2014, is that November and December months will be busier than before! Getting our families ready for Christmas and working double-time to make and ship other people's presents has been fun, but not relaxing for sure! With family travels and all, we will have to adjust our plans for next year ;)


It was the year of the big jump; the leap of faith. I have been suggested to find a job, but I jumped head first in this adventure, knowing deep down that's what I wanted to do, and, what I needed to do. 
I'm not a total newbie in business though. I have 20 years experience as a freelancer and business owner. My decisions are informed and at this stage in my life, I'm much better at knowing what I want and what I don't. But my experience is from a different industry: and there were no social media back then. So I'm still learning—isn't it one of life's beauty?—and there are still lots of 'first time'. Some of them I really liked:

  • Shipping my products to Sweden, Australia and Great Britain;
  • Doing my first Market Fair;
  • Making custom notebooks for Google in San Francisco (ha!)
  • Listening to new podcasters—Monica Lee, Jess Lively, Todd Henry, Grace Bonney, James Altucher, to name a few—and, discovering artists and entrepreneurs that inspire me so much everyday now. 

Funny anecdote: at my first fair, there was this girl who came to my table and asked if I was interested in 'swapping'—or a term I already forgot—because she says she liked my products. I wasn't sure about what she meant, and because English is not my mother tongue—you probably have figured it out already anyways huh?—I just said, yeah, ok, why not, how's that work though? So she guided me to her booth and then was waiting for me to choose one or some of her products. I asked again my question: "No seriously, how's that work?". She laughed and was amazed that she had to explain it to me ;) ...So...No matter with whom I've worked with in the past, the kind of projects I worked on, or where I've been traveling for work, this very moment was a pretty clear reminder that this was all A FIRST. Ha.


There is this interesting post from Danielle Laporte on questions to ask yourself before setting up goals.

There are goals that expand our truth, and goals that constrict it…
— Danielle Laporte

 And there's that: "If you don't design your life's plan, chances are you're going to fall into someone else's plan", a phrase my dad said to me many times. There are a few things I'd like to write down, but because I don't want to fall into the whole "New Year resolutions" trap list, I'll try to resume: 



Now...in terms of business I feel the need to setup actionable goals though, and in 2015, this is what I'll be working toward to:

  • Expanding my line of products;
  • Getting into wholesale;
  • Developing the design services portion of my business;
  • Meeting other artisans, makers and business owners in my industry that are like-minded and positive. 

And because working alone tends to make it easy to let slip some of the good intentions we have, I thought Kerry from Handmade Success "accountability partner" project was just perfect! I was matched this morning and so I will take the time it deserves to get to know my new partner a little, and take time to define the actions I want to be accountable for. So if you're thinking having someone that will check-in on you (weekly, monthly or quarterly), is a good thing, have a look at Kerry's post

Have a wonderful weekend friends!