Spring Break California Road Trip: Norcal To Socal

We are on our final preparation for our trip and I'm very excited. I think sometimes preparation is half the fun of actually doing the trip, isn't it? Our plan is to do Norcal to Socal on the east side and come back up on the ocean side, roughly a 1,350 miles drive:
Natural Hot Springs, Old Castles, Mammoth Lakes, Death Valley, Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree, Ocean Side, Santa Barbara, Big Sur and more. ADVENTURE AWAITS! (and of course, I'm bringing one of these with me for on the fly notes and genius ideas, HA!)

Memory cards, chargers, lenses and extra batteries are all part of the trip of course! I can't wait to snap more of the gorgeous California landscapes. Rest assured, these pics will see life in my shop after I return ;)

Today we're picking up our rental vehicle. We chose to go with Jucy Rental as our SUV is too old to make the trip and we also thought it'd be fun to try something different. The advantage of the Jucy vehicle is that it's a minivan: easy to drive, not too hard on the gas costs, and no sizes restrictions on the road or camp sites. The features are nice too, go check it out, it's like a Transformers van :)

I'm hoping to post a few updates here on the blog, but make sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram for most of the pictures!