Custom Clipboards

 Today I will be in the doing part of things. After I'm posting this, I will be away from my computer, listening to Oscar Peterson and some educating podcasts — priceless quality time in my studio if you ask me. I like to design on my computer. But the best part is to make it happen, for real.  To work on something you imagined, researched, drawn and shopped for, leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. Bonus today; working with wood smells good :) 

As I mentioned already, October is a busy month for me, preparing lots of cool and unique items for Karlee / Propcellar. Today is the clipboard wood processing step! Yes, these pieces of plywood you see up here are going to be turned into the cutest clipboards. 

It involves a few steps, but I know the result will be stunning!

  • Buy 4' x 8' sheet
  • Cut to 9" x 12" (Home Depot offers the first 5 cuts for free, 0.50$/cut after that)
  • Sand
  • Stain
  • Final sand
  • Print front and back logo on transfer paper
  • Transfer logos on wood with my heatpress
  • Fix clip - or bulldog clip (will depend on what is chosen)

Have a wonderful Thursday! I will :)