Fabric Bin | Dry Land No 5918

Fabric Bin | Dry Land No 5918

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The prettiest way to hide your little nick-nacks!
Keep your bathroom products neatly organized with these stylish storage bins. Or use it to cover your basic plastic flower pot! Even better, in your hallway to empty your pockets and throw away your keys when coming in the house :)

The image is printed on natural duck cotton canvas and is doubled with natural cotton inside. It is as good-looking as it's functional! Even when empty, the bin stands straight. 

The bins can be washed with your regular laundry but should be air dried. If not in use, they store flat. 

These adorable fabric bins offer a stylish storage solution for small toys, pencils and pens, or any nick-nack you don't want to see. It's perfect for a kids' room, home office, laundry room, craft room, door entry way and bathroom. 

100% duck canvas cotton outside
100% cotton inside.
Washing machine safe.
Air dry.
Small: 5"w x 4"l x 6"h (at its tallest)
Large: 6"w x 5"l x 9"h (at its tallest)

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