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giving back

As of now, Lemonee on the Hills is me, just me, Melanie. I might be a small business, but I do believe that even small contributions can make a difference. If we all give back a little, in the end, it's big right? Simple. 

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As the designer, maker, photographer, and owner of this business, I get my inspiration and motivation from the outdoors. It just felt natural to give back from where I receive so much.  I remember vividly realizing how nature was healing to me when I was a teenager. I'd go on solo bike rides in the forest close to home, with my diary, and stay there for a long time. I do also believe in the conservation and preservation of the wilderness, so my children enjoy it as much as I do. Right now Lemonee on the Hills is:

Member of Keep Tahoe Blue.  I've had the pleasure to volunteer, and meet great people during a water testing event. Also loved attending their presentation at one of Basecamp Hotel with my kiddos about plastic pollution in our ocean from @5gyres. Hopefully, I'll get more time like these.
1% of my sales go to Keep Tahoe Blue: Advocate, Educate, Collaborate. The League is a solutions-based organization, focused on advocating for sensible environmental standards backed by science and monitoring, devoted community engagement, grassroots involvement, and a collective ideology of working together to Keep Tahoe Blue. 

Lemonee on the Hills make regular donations to the Tree Planting National Forest Program. And I, Melanie, on a personal level have started contributing to the visibility of the National Forest with my writing and photography. I believe in the importance of protecting our lands so my children, our children, and the next generations, will enjoy it as much as we do.

Thanks for helping me in my mission to support our beautiful land!