Hot & cold therapy PAds / microwavable pads


Such a popular item in my house! We use it to treat muscle soreness after training. Sometimes for migraines and mostly for tummy aches.
It's a very successful gift: not only does it bring comfort (useful) but it's also pretty and the images are unique (all photos are from me, you can also buy them as art prints). Some customers even told me they use it as a decoration piece when they don't use it!

. Good for up to 20 minutes
. Safe and reusable
. Heat or cold therapy for deepest muscle penetration
. Mold your body part
. A mix of rice and wheat to retain heat longer

These unique microwavable heating pads are good for:

.Stomach ache
.Arthritis pain
.Sore muscle
.Back pain
.Abdominal pain
.Stress relief
.Warm your feet in bed
.Neck tension
.Wrist support at your desk