Life is a Jourknee | Collection


I’m excited to announce I’ve partnered up with Kerry from @LifeIsAJourknee by designing useful items for her community of knee surgery warriors! I’m also part of this community now, since my ski accident in early February 2019. I had my surgery on 3/25/19. I post updates here from time to time.

ACL Surgery
ACL Surgery
If you’re in that same boat, go check her out: humor, reality checks, hard conversations, encouragements and inspiration guaranteed!

We decided to design journals so you can keep track of your rehab. The heat/cold pads can help relieve swelling and pain. Definitely is a great gift for someone who’s going through knee surgery!
These journals and heat/cold pads are all handmade by me, Melanie, one at a time with lots of love :) Thanks for your support!