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My name is Melanie, also known as Lemonee. I’m originally from Québec City and now live in Northern California. I run my handmade business from my office + garage.

Lemonee on the Hills started to take shape in 2014 and became a full time business in 2016. I have combined my passion of the outdoors, my photography and product design background to handcraft a line of inspiring nature photography accessories that bring the outside to YOU, either it’s at your office, in your home or for your travels! I just love creating unique outdoors enthusiast gifts for mountain lovers like me :) 

Because we never have too much of the Great Outdoors.

Lemonee on the Hills


It's all because of my, then new, friend's two-year-old daughter! When we met, her daughter called me Miss Lemonee instead of Melanie. We all thought it was so darn cute. That was it, since that day, I’m known as 'Miss Lemonee.' And as for the 'on the Hills' part, well, we live on the beautiful Sierra foothills of Northern California.

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