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My name is Melanie, also known as Lemonee. I’m originally from Québec City and now live in Northern California. I run my handmade business from my office + garage.

Lemonee on the Hills started to take shape in 2015 as a hobby! I have combined my passion of the outdoors, my photography and product design background to handcraft a line of inspiring nature photography accessories that bring the outside to YOU, either it’s at your office, in your home or for your travels!

Because we never have too much of the Great Outdoors.

SUMMER/FALL 2021: I'm at this moment revamping my line, my style and my products! Looking for the clipboards, hot/cold pillows or journals?
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Since the past year or so, Lemonee couldn't run without the precious help of these two young smart ladies.

Lizzy is Lemonee' seamstress and assistant for all things around the studio. She is our reliable go-to person when Lemonee is on the road, or giving a ski lesson!

Kaia started working during the 2020 Holiday season to give a hand on assembling clipboards, packaging orders and making sure they're on their way to you!


Let me tell you about the story behind the name...It's all because of my, then new, friend's two-year-old daughter. I was new in the USA, had a strong Quebecois' accent, she was just learning to speak, and she called me Miss Lemonee instead of Melanie. We all thought it was soooo cute. It's probably —what her mama would call— one of her earliest Emma-ism ;) 

That was it! Since that day, I’m known as 'Miss Lemonee.'

And as for the 'on the Hills' part, well, we live on the beautiful Sierra foothills of Northern California.




  • My mother tongue is French
  • I'm a mom to two boys
  • I started to make and sell things professionally when I was 16 years old.
  • I graduated in Industrial Design (product design) and spent 20+ years working in the electronics, consumer goods and medical manufacturing industries. 
  • I worked with various manufacturers in Canada and the United States, and was mandated to travel on their behalf in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Mexico and China. My products were sold in big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Sam's Club; in Canada, USA and Mexico.
  • I’m a board member of my dad’s business in Quebec City.